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Wedding Story

Rachel & Geoff

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Rachel was 19 and after meeting Geoff she knew she immediately had to date him. They wasted no time and were an item before they knew it.
Geoff worked out of town most of the week for the first few years so they learned to appreciate each other and the time they had when they were together. This forced space seemed to set a tone for their relationship…space is good, and after some space comes much needed and savored time together.
Rachel is sure this is why they have had a successful 12 years together prior to tying the knot. Geoff absolutely adores Rachel and finally decided it was time to make her forever his!! They are both certain the independence they each have coupled with their supportive nature will ensure a happily ever after in their future.
They said their ‘I Do’s’ at Dairyland in Snohomish. A family friend officiated which made it extra special. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon filled with much laughter and people cheering them on as they have all been ready for them to marry for quite some time.
Rachel ‘s dad passed away in 2004 so she walked herself down the aisle. She had a special butterfly momento tied on her bouquet as well as a photo tribute on one of the reception tables. There were butterflies on a lot of the décor to symbolize her dad being there in spirit.
Rachel and Geoff are fun loving and giddy together. Geoff has the piercing blue eyes and Rachel loves to stare into them. And Rachel…girl with those brown eyes and that floral crown in your flowing hair, you were the bomb! No wonder Geoff couldn’t pay attention to anything but you!
They seriously were so easy to be around and are just simply good together. How do I know this? I just know….I could feel it. It was special and unique and encouraging.
You two are inspiring…and it doesn’t matter that Geoff took 12 years to put a ring on it…the point is…HE DID!